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Tips for success

College is a new world -- and VERY different from high school. You have a lot more choice. CSA wants to help you make choices that help you succeed, and keep you happy, healthy, and on-track to achieve the wonderful goal you've set for yourself of graduating college. 

The basics

  • Attend class. Though optional, attending helps you learn, ensures you hear key announcements, helps you find study partners and friends, and more. Serious, just go!

  • Study the syllabus. It's like a pseudo-contract, so know what you're responsible for. Only takes 10 min, time well spent. Review it mid-term and end-of-term too. 

  • Meet classmates. It's normal to talk with strangers in college (in high-school, not so much). Finding study partners can yield more success, plus it's more fun. Humans benefit from regular human contact.

  • Have a schedule. Plan your week, including study and rec time. You'll get more done, AND enjoy rec time more. 

  • Care for yourself. Exercise daily (even walking), sleep well, eat reasonably, and spend time with people in-person. All greatly improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and more. 

  • Try not to stress. Aim for good grades, but realize you'll win some and lose some; perfection isn't necessary. Things balance out. You'll be OK!!!

College Lecture

Study/Learning habits

  • Prepare before class. Reading or watching videos before makes class FAR more understandable and fun. Even 20 min helps. 

  • Focus in class. Hide electronics (humans can NOT multitask). Pay attention; mental discipline will help in the future. Ask questions when appropriate, which keeps you alert. 

  • Handwrite notes.Taking notes keeps you focused. Handwritten (vs typing) requires thought and enables flexibility. Summarizing notes before exams improves test scores. 

  • Find a place to study. A distraction-free place helps (and not your bed; napping is too easy). With study partners is even better. 

  • Spend time. Learning piano takes time. Learning tennis takes time. Learning anything takes time. Be sure to allocate time (while staying balanced). 

University Building

More info to come

We plan to make a video series, host webinars, and much more! Sign up to be notified. 

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