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Dealing with problems

Everything in life, like work or marriage, will involve problems, and college is no exception. Dealing with problems is a critical life skill. Academic problems kill the college dreams of many students, especially less-privileged students. CSA aims to help students recognize when a problem exists (often they don't even realize something is wrong), and teaches skills needed to calmly and patiently address problems. 

Common problems

  • Course selection. Degree requirements vary across universities and majors, and sometimes students are surprised they don't meet a requirement (maybe due to bad advice; students are wise to study requirements). 

  • Class enrollment. Students may have trouble getting into classes, which can lengthen their years in college. 

  • False cheating accusations. Students often become greatly distraught if falsely accused. 

  • University policy violations. Profs have flexibility ("academic freedom"), but some profs violate university policies or accepted norms (often unintentionally). Most students don't know what's allowed vs. not allowed. 


CSA aims to help students avoid, recognize, and address such problems, so they can continue toward their goal of a college degree. ​

Office Talk

Recognizing and dealing with problems

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