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About Us

Promoting college success, especially among less-privileged students

Many college students don't graduate, and less-privileged students (e.g., low-income, first-generation, or underrepresented minorities) are far more likely to not graduate. Numerous national-level efforts aim to improve college success, but most focus on professors' teaching or university processes. Few (if any) national efforts focus on helping students themselves be academically successful. CSA aims to helps, focusing on the obvious need for students to learn habits/skills for success, and on the less obvious but critical need for students to recognize problems (like mistreatment) and to professionally address such problems -- a critical life skill. That second focus is rarely addressed, but leads to much attrition as frustrated students experiencing problems often just give up. 

We are a professor-formed. Being professor formed is important because professors not only can see what catalyzes success, but they can also address problems like mistreatment in a way that respect academic freedom and natural classroom imperfections, and doesn't pander to students but rather patiently aims to help students grow and mature. 

CSA is a Baha'i-inspired 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2001 and driven by the principle of unity, in particular the unity among professors and students in their common goal of student success. 

Intelligent international students preparing for final exams at public park, using laptop
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