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About CSA

CSA is a U.S. non-profit organization whose mission is to improve college student success by protecting and promoting student academic rights.

Most professors agree that a college education, while challenging students, should also treat them fairly, especially per the university's own policies and widely-accepted standard practices. Unfortunately, academic mistreatment is widespread in U.S. universities. This is not due to bad intentions, but rather it is a possible consequence of a power imbalance between professors and students. It can occur when students are unaware of their rights and no one is there to advocate for them. Academic mistreatment can yield demotivated students, depression, poor grades, dropout, and worse—especially among less privileged students. CSA aims to reduce academic mistreatment, so that more students stay motivated and gain success. 

CSA is a "Baha'i-inspired" organization, and emphasizes key principles that include: 

  • Justice: All people—students, as well as professors—should be treated with justice, and their basic rights should be protected. Several professional organizations focus on protecting professors' academic rights, such as AAUP and FIRE. CSA fills a gap by being the first organization designed to protect students' academic rights too. 

  • Unity: Great power comes from humans being united. Students and professors should be united in a common goal of student success in life and career via a strong education. CSA is focused on students but was formed by a university professor. We strongly respect both students and professors—we protect students, while also defending professors' academic freedom and preventing unnecessary class intrusion. 

CSA is a professor-formed California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2021. 

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