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About Us

CSA is a U.S. non-profit organization whose mission is to improve college student success by protecting and promoting student academic rights.

Most professors agree that a college education, while challenging students, should also  treat students fairly, especially per the university's own policies and widely-accepted standard practices. Unfortunately, academic mistreatment is widespread in U.S. universities, not due to evil intentions, but rather largely due to the natural situation that occurs when a power imbalance exists yet students don't know what's OK and not OK and nobody else is watching. Academic mistreatment can yield demotivated students, depression, poor grades, dropout, and worse -- especially among less privileged students. CSA aims to reduce academic mistreatment, so that more students stay motivated and gain success. 

CSA is a "Baha'i-inspired" organization, emphasizing key principles that include: 

  • Justice: All people -- students, as well as professors -- should be treated with justice, having their basic rights protected. Several professional organizations focus on protecting professors' academic rights, like AAUP and FIRE. CSA fills a gap by being the first organization designed to protect students' academic rights too. 

  • Unity: Great power comes from humans being united. Students and professors are united in a common goal of seeing students gain success in their life and careers via a strong education. Being focused on students yet professor-formed, CSA strongly respects both students and professors -- protecting students, while also defending professors' academic freedom and preventing unnecessary class intrusion. 

CSA is a professor-formed California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2021. 

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