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Nonprofit administrator

CSA aims to help college students succeed, by protecting and promoting student academic rights, in unity with professors' goals. We seek a motivated methodical person to grow the CSA organization.


  • Work closely with the founder to grow the organization

  • Handle diverse administrative items—oversee the organization's legal/financial paperwork, interface with accountants/attorneys/etc., maintain website and social media

  • Assist with hiring and planning for hires as organization grows

  • Help define and grow programs, help establish a newsletter

  • Begin fundraising and grant-application efforts


  • Bachelor's degree or higher

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Passionate about serving humanity, and in particular college students

  • Comfortable with the cultures of college professors, students, and administrators

  • Methodical, analytical, organized, and detail oriented

  • Strong with spreadsheets, Google docs, email, website maintenance, and social media


This position is not for everyone—we are looking for a person with a strong non-profit focus who is passionate about serving humanity. CSA is currently funded by the founder, a professor and successful entrepreneur who has seen the need nationwide for such an organization. Expected starting salary for this position is about 65-75k, with growth opportunity as the organization grows. 


CSA is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. CSA is professor-formed and Baha'i-inspired, with a focus on justice for all college students, especially less-privileged students, and on the promotion of unity among students and professors in their joint goal of student education/success, all while strongly respecting academic freedom.

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