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Intelligent international students preparing for final exams at public park, using laptop

CSA helps more college students, especially less-privileged students, graduate college. We give students the advice that only some get at home, on improving academic success and dealing with academic problems. We are a professor-formed non-profit that cherishes the unity among professors and students in their common goal of student success. 

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A strong college degree can positively transform some students' futures. But, academic issues lead to many students not completing college, or to experiencing excess unnecessary stress or delays along the way. 


We focus on two key academic areas: (1) Tips for success: Helping students develop the habits and skills that contribute to academic success, and (2) Dealing with problems: Helping students deal with common academic problems they may face. Just a little advice/help in such areas can have a big effect. 

Tips for success: The transition from high school to college can be hard. Suddenly given tremendous flexibility, young students often don't know the tips and tricks that yield success, like attending class, reading the syllabus, forming study groups, and visiting office hours. We provide info (fun videos, web pages, webinars, newsletters, and more) to assist students in learning what the evidence shows helps (and hampers) college success. 

Dealing with problems: Problem-solving is an important life skill. Many students will experience academic problems, like a false cheating accusation, an illness that prevents taking final exams, or a course requirement that violates university policy. Learning to recognize what are problems that can be addressed, and then to calmly and politely address them, can not only improve college success, but also strenghtens an important life skill. We provide info on dealing with academic problems, help keep students calm as they deal, and sometimes even get involved to assist schools and students to resolve an issue. 

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